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Lady and Tiger

The sibling Border Collies could have been named after the title of the famous short story written by Frank R. Stockton in 1882, but they weren’t.  In their own way, their names are perfect.  Lady is stereotypically feminine, sweet-faced, longhaired, and delicate.  She demands attention and affection.  Tiger is oddly contradictory; a timid last-place in the pecking order of the home, yet a scrappy, growling menace with any dog that tries to run faster than he does at the dog park. 

Having no flock of sheep to herd, these two play out their working instincts in hilarious stalking games in the backyard.  They chase one another, grab each other by the fur, the ear, or the tail, and tango like crazy, much to my amusement. 

Border Collies are known to be very smart dogs.  Since I became their slave, they have learned to pee and poop on command, and to give me five in order to get a cookie. 

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