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The Kitty Man

Alias Baby Man.  He is one of those special cats that come when they are called and seem to understand English.  He has always been a cuddler, and was a tree-climber and bird murderer in his younger days. 

The best thing about him is that he loves dogs.  After sauntering out to meet and greet every dog that walks past the house, it’s a wonder he has survived. 

Like my friend Frank says, The Kitty Man is a classic cat.  He is a tuxedo-style black cat with white markings, like a penguin.  He is an exact match with Jack and the Border Collies. 

Oh, here he comes.  Hungry again.  In his older years, Kitty Man has had a not-too-uncommon illness in cats: a thyroid condition that makes them want to eat a lot yet lose weight until they eventually waste away.  It can be controlled with medication (expensive) or cured with a single radiation treatment. 

The Kitty Man chose radiation, which consists of inserting a radioactive pellet under the skin of the cat’s neck, behind his ears.  It sits there overnight, radiating the cat’s Thyroid gland and is then removed.  After a night in the clinic, Kitty comes home and should have no further problem.  Vets love this procedure, since so many animal diseases have no good cure or outcome.  This cure works like magic and makes everyone happy, especially the cat owners who have had to wrestle their cat away from their plate on the dinner table. 

One interesting detail is that cat owners cannot throw used litter into their garbage for several months after this treatment, since small amounts of radiation continue to be excreted in the cat’s pee and poop.  Apparently, our garbage is screened for low levels of radiation that might indicate improper waste disposal by labs or evidence of terrorist bomb-makers.  If detected, the radioactive residue can be traced back to the source. 

Radioactive cat waste in your garden is not a problem though, and a happy, healthy cat is well worth it.

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