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Last, but surely not least was Ed.  He looked very much like Dorothy’s dog Toto in the Wizard of Oz. 

A friend found Ed wandering in a West Seattle parking lot on a rainy winter night.  He had to bring him home to me because he was so cute. 

Well, Ed was not cute.  Ed was like a bad boyfriend.  He had a lot of potential, if only he would change.  He would look up at me so sweetly as he peed on the living room rug. 

Ed had weird skin problems.  Mysterious bald spots and a wart on his nose. 

But Ed followed me from room to room in the house and refused to be given away, returning many times to my backdoor until I gave up and made him a permanent resident. 

He was independent and plucky.  I can still see him prancing along the water’s edge at the beach with a stinking dead starfish in his mouth. 

The winter of the big snow I walked to the store.  Ed trotted next to me all the way with snowballs as big as cantaloupes that had formed on his paws.

  There is a tender spot in my heart for those bad boyfriends, and I miss little Ed most of all.

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