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Stuart the Samoyed died peacefully in his sleep, in my kitchen on Memorial Day.  A week later, I picked up Stu’s ashes from the vet and picked Stu’s successor Jack up from the Bellevue Animal Shelter.  The Kitty Man had been wandering around wondering where Stu had gone.  He clearly missed having a dog around the house.  I needed a fast dog to walk, and a good guard dog to help me feel safe.  So why not rescue Jack, who had spent the first ten months of his life in a backyard all day while his owners went to work. 

He sat in detention at the animal shelter for two long months because his owners said he barked too much.  Well, you would too if you were lonely and neglected. 

This guy is quiet, obedient, sensitive, loyal, and playful.  We are so lucky to have each other.  He’s a great guard dog, but completely trustworthy.  His prison name was Rocky, but his Freedom Name is Jack.  Supposedly, he is part Lab, part Akita, the Japanese temple guarding dogs.  I tell Labradoodle owners that Jack is a Lakita.

It took Jack a long time to trust humans.  I took him to work and he growled at my boss.  He was especially afraid of men.  Several months later, he was in my boss’ lap. 

The mail carrier won his heart by bringing cookies with the mail.  Jack would take one look at him and start doing every trick he knows.  When Jack got scared or nervous, he would hide under the bed for hours. 

Now that Jack is hanging out with the Border Collies, he has figured out that he is the well-behaved adult of the pack, and he is not so worried.  Now Jack wants to sleep on top of the bed – all 90 pounds of him.

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